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TML Automatic Gates is a premier gate and fence services provider in the Bay Area. With over 10 years of experience and active engagement in service delivery, we have become industry experts in automatic gate installation, repair, and maintenance. Offering you the latest innovation and technology for efficient application of your gates and fences. Get an automatic gate operator, gate opener, and Access control system on your residential, or commercial gates and garage doors. We are offering the latest MyQ system for instant and convenient operations of your gates with a smartphone or tablet.

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Gates & fence repair in Bay Area

Gates repair

In Bay Area
Gates & fence repair in Bay Area

Automatic gates

In Bay Area
Gates & fence repair in Bay Area

Gate Openers

In Bay Area
Gates & fence repair in Bay Area

Access Control

In Bay Area
Gates & fence repair in Bay Area

Driveway Gates

In Bay Area
Gates & fence repair in Bay Area

Intercom Systems

In Bay Area

Gate repair in Bay Area

We are professionals in automatic gate repair over and beyond Bay Area. Also, you can visit us today for your custom gate and fence repair needs. We specialize in;

  • Automatic gate repair and maintenance services.
  • Residential and commercial gate repair.
  • Access control system repair services.
  • Gate and fence installation services.
  • Gate replacement services and so on.

Gate repair involves different aspects. Most noteworthy, we have the right tools and equipment that enhance an efficient and hassle-free repair project. Certainly, we are the perfect fit for your gate repair in Bay Area project.

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Installing a gate and fence in your home, business or industrial plant is never enough without the efficiency that Automatic gates offer. Therefore, enjoy the convenience of fast entry and exit from your home or business. TML Automatic Gates are experts in;

  • Automatic gate installation.
  • Swing gate and slide gate operators.
  • Entry system and access control systems.
  • Automatic gate openers.
  • Gate operator systems.
  • Repair, maintenance and replacement services and others.

Are you tired of the traditional gate systems? Do you want to upgrade your current gate? Thus, consider installing an Automatic gate. Moreover, we are experts in automatic gates repair, maintenance and replacement services.

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Are you tired of getting out of your vehicle every time you enter or leave your home? You only need an automatic gate opener or an electronic gate opener.Thus, at TML Automatic Gates, we save you time and energy, most importantly simplifying your life with a gate opener.

Our team is experienced in a variety of gate openers which include but not limited to;

  • Driveway Gate Openers.
  • Security gate openers,
  • Sliding and swing gate openers
  • Remote gate openers
  • Electronic and automatic gate openers.
  • Barrier gate openers and so on.

Enjoy efficient entry and exit from your home, business, farm or other property with just a press of a button or sensor. Hence, call TML Automatic Gates for an affordable Gate opener in Bay Area project.

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Access controls are one of the most effective security systems for safe access into your home, business, or restricted places. First of all, TML Automatic Gates are expert and experienced in a variety of Access Controls for both residential and commercial use. Our Access control system services include installation of;

  • Alarm and reporting systems
  • Central and master key and lock system
  • Advanced security readers.
  • Keypad entry security systems.
  • Intercom systems
  • Biometric entry systems.
  • Smart card, Automated and proximity card systems. Etc.

Monitor and control your home or commercial spaces with our Access Control systems. Most importantly, secure and keep your home safe with an advanced, modern system.

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Even though you have a gate in your home, you may need Driveway gates for a variety of reasons. Importantly, Securing and limiting access to restricted areas within your residence or commercial units. Driveway gates provide an added layer of protection while providing an elegant and beautiful appeal to your home. These includes;

  • Slide gates
  • Swing gates
  • Barrier gates
  • Vertical pivot and lift gates.

At TML Automatic Gates Bay Area, we install beautiful, elegant and custom Driveway gates, which will certainly offer a defined facelift to your residence. Thus, call us today for installation, repair, maintenance and upgrade of driveway gates in Bay Area.

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Coupled with our access control, gate opener and gate operator systems, you can equally enhance the security of your residence or business with an Entry Keypad and intercom system. For this reason, at TML Automatic Gates, we are professionals and experts in:

  • Wired and wireless telephone access system.
  • Remote and transmitter entry system
  • Basic key pad entry system
  • Cellular and Bluetooth enabling access
  • Video and audio entry systems. Etc.

Each of these systems is designed to offer you high level security, and advanced protection for your property. Even more, we have the best brands which undoubtedly will offer durable and extensive use in your home. Certainly, Call or visit us today for a Hi-Security system installation.

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